SSBB Music Swap Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to swap music in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. You’ll make a BRSTM file, which is Brawl’s music format. It’s lacking a lot of visual aid right now, but bear with me and follow the arrows, they’ll tell you where to go.

What You’ll Need

  • BrawlBox
  • Audacity (For volume fixes, if you don’t care about volume, Goldwave works for looping too, but this tutorial uses Audacity)
  • The value of the song you wanna replace to put it in the game (for example, A01 replaces SMB Ground Theme on Mushroomy Kingdom)
  • An mp3 of the song you want in Brawl (there’s several great online Youtube->mp3 converters, I recommend

Music Swap Tutorial

Once you’ve obtained the song you want in-game:

  1. Open it up in Audacity
  2. Edit->Select All (also ctrl-A)
  3. Effect->Equalize. Make it look like this (doesn’t have to be exact).
    HOLD ON A SEC! Test the song RIGHT AFTER you Equalize to make sure it sounds loud but not crackly. If it sounds crackly, reopen the mp3 and…Effect->Normalize, then Effect->Amplify. That’ll fix the crackly noise, although it will be a little quieter in-game
  4. Once your song sounds good, export it as a .wav file (File->Export Entire Project as WAV)
  5. Now, look for points that look similar in Audacity, they’ll be your loop points
  6. Mark the approximate time in the song (note: if you want exact values on the last two steps, use Goldwave, PM me on how to get it free, good BRSTM’s take some time)
  7. Now, open up BrawlBox DON’T CLOSE AUDACITY, it helps for reference in Step 11
  8. File->New->BRSTM Audio Stream
  9. Find your song, wherever you saved it
  10. It’ll come up in a seperate window with the total time of the song.
  11. Now, listen for 2 points in the song where either it sounds similar or there’s a repeat of a part played earlier (most game songs have the latter)
  12. NOTE that not all songs loop, if that’s the case, just loop the whole thing!
  13. Fiddle around with the loop start and end values to get a SEAMLESS loop (when the song sounds continuous without a break, you’ll know when you have done that)
  14. Once it’s looped to your liking, hit Convert to BRSTM
  15. File->Save As
  16. Go to (whatever drive your SD is)/private/app/RSBE/pf/sound/strm
  17. Save it as the value of the song you wanna replace
  18. Put the SD card in your Wii and you’ve just made your own BRSTM! Congratulations!

About Yoshi’s Island (Brawl) Obstacle Course: When you replace E06 you must also replace E07 and cut the song at its half point. What’s the reason? Well, if you just replace E06, when it changes to Winter Obstacle Course will still play! Then when it changes back to Spring or Summer, it goes back to the song you replaced E06 with. Why cut it in half? Because the season will change and if you don’t, then the song will just start over again when Winter comes… and that won’t sound pretty. Or you could also just change E07 to a different song and have 2 songs on YI (Brawl) Obstacle Course.

The other solution for this is to use Phantom Wing’s My Music Swap code to switch Obstacle Course with a song you haven’t changed yet and then replace that song accordingly on YI (Brawl) and than you won’t have to deal with E07 at all.