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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Hacks

Note: Always keep a backup of your save before you modify it!
Last Updated: July 31, 2020

Only the best resources for players of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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ACNH hacks  ACNH Edit Your Villagers

animal-crossing-leafCheats for Atmosphere / SX OS CFWanimal-crossing-leaf

Item and DIY IDs

For some codes you will need the Item/DIY ID in order to generate that Item or DIY recipe. Below are links to some lists.

ACNH Data Spreadsheet – This is not an ID list but it is a huge database that contains pictures and all items are categorized.

Where do I place the cheat codes?

For SX OS users, cheats are stored in:

For Atmosphere users, cheats are stored in:

Note: If the game updates, that ID will probably change, so your cheats will stop working. You will need to update your cheats/Build ID with every ACNH update.

animal-crossing-pitfallOther Tools & Utilitiesanimal-crossing-pitfall

  • JKSV – Save Manager by J-D-K — Recommended
    • To backup/restore ACNH saves, use the “Device” menu.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hacks - JKSV Save Editor (ACNH hacks)

Websites & Apps

These are not hacks/cheats but are a compilation of useful links, resources, and databases for ACNH.


  • Critterpedia: What fish + insects are available to catch right now, with location and sale price.
  • Critterpedia (2) (in Beta): Another Critterpedia tool with a grid format. Also shows Fossils and Art. You can select the items you have already found/donated and have them saved in the webapp to the Collection tab.
  • Mystery Tour Islands guide: All of the possible Mystery Tour island possibilities
  • MeteoNook Alpha: A weather forecasting tool for Animal Crossing: New Horizons including exact times for meteor showers, rainbows and the aurora borealis


  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Design Pattern Editor (Windows) – Video
    • Complete tool with many features including import, export, QR code,
    • Includes a pattern exchange to find and import patterns
  • Pattern Editor (Online app): Practice your pattern designs or upload an image and get its QR code for the Able Sisters
  • /r/acqr: Subreddit hosting user-submitted designs
  • AC Custom Island Design: Read-only Discord server listing meticulously categorized catalog of user-submitted designs from across the Internet
  • @acnh_patterns: Curated Instagram account of community design patterns


  • Friendship mechanics: In-depth datamined guide to gaining favor with your villagers.
  • Lost item guide: How to complete the lost item quest for best results.
  • Villager gift checker: Mobile-first web app to see if a villager will love a specific clothing item as gift based on their favorite color and personal style.
  • Villager gift finder: Interactive tool see clothing items your villager will really appreciate based on their favorite color and personal style.


  • Nook Exchange: Visual index of all game items with the ability to create an account to share your catalog/wishlist
  • VillagerDB: Visual index of all game items with the ability to create an account to share your catalog/wishlist, and create additional lists
  • Nook Plaza: Visual index of all game items
  • Nookazon: eBay-esque marketplace where users pay in Bells, not cash
  • DodoCodes: Tour other player’s islands for specific items, recipes, villagers, or just for inspiration
  • /r/ACTrade: Subreddit for facilitating trades of items, recipes, and villagers
  • /r/ACVillager: Subreddit for facilitating trades of villagers

Turnips and the Stalk Market

  • Turnip Prophet: Sophisticated Stalk Market predictor to track your price history with a probability percentage
  • Beautiful Stalk Market predictor to track your profits and price history
  • r/ACTurnips: Tightly-moderated community facilitation of turnip sales.
  • Turnip Exchange: Queuing app to host visitors for turnip sales and any other tour