PS Vita cfw guide

PS Vita Complete Hacking Guide – HENkaku Enso CFW

Learn how to hack your PS Vita and unlock its full capabilities with homebrew and custom firmware. Use this complete PS Vita hacking guide to enable homebrew apps, use a micro SD card as a memory card, install a custom firmware, and more.

Before you begin…

What is homebrew?

Homebrew is software or games which are not officially approved by Sony. Examples include games, tools for save editing and backup, and emulators for retro systems. You can find more examples of Vita homebrew here.

What is Custom Firmware?

Custom Firmware (or CFW) is a special modified firmware that unlocks the full capabilities of your system. The best available custom firmware for PS Vita is HENkaku Ensō.

Custom Firmware will allow you to:

  • Play games for older systems using RetroArch or other standalone emulators
  • Dump your game cards and play them without needing the card
  • Use Rincheat Streamer to stream live gameplay to your PC wirelessly for certain games only

How do I hack my PS Vita?

Step 1. Determine the firmware version of your PS Vita

You can find this by going to the Settings application and tapping System and then System Information. Your version should be displayed at the top of the screen.

how to hack your ps vita HENkaku Enso cfw

Step 2. Follow the Version History table below

Now that you know the PS Vita’s firmware version, use the table below to determine the next step.

From To Next Step
1.03 3.57 Update your PS Vita to firmware 3.60
3.60 3.60 Install HENkaku Ensō
3.61 3.63 Update your PS Vita to firmware 3.65
3.65 3.68 Install h-encore
3.68 3.73 Install h-encore²

For example, the screenshot above shows the firmware version at 3.60. Using this table, you would proceed to Install HENkaku Ensō.

PS Vita already hacked?

If your PS Vita is already hacked don’t forget the amazing things you can do with it! Here are a couple of tutorials for getting the most out of your hacked PS Vita.

Useful tools for hacked PS Vita’s

sd2vita tutorial using storagemgr

Install Essential Homebrew

Check out the links below to download and install the following essential PS Vita homebrew:

  1. Vita Homebrew Browser (downloads and installs other homebrew applications)
    • Transfer the above .vpk file to your vita via VitaShell’s FTP/USB method and install
  2. NoNpDrm (allows for encrypted games/Vita game backups to be used)
    • Follow instructions here
  3. DownloadEnabler (allows any file type to be downloaded with the Vita browser)
    • Follow instructions here
  4. shellbat (displays the exact battery percentage in the status bar)
    • Follow instructions here
  5. pngshot (improves the built-in screenshot utility)
    • Follow instructions here

Block Firmware Updates

  1. Launch the Settings application on your PS Vita
  2. Navigate to System > Auto-Start Settings
  3. Uncheck “Download Update File for System Software”

Access the PSN Store Correctly (Spoof PS Vita Firmware Version)

  1. Launch the Settings application on your PS Vita
  2. Navigate to “HENkaku Settings”
  3. Check “Enable PSN spoofing”
  4. Check “Enable Version Spoofing”
  5. Navigate to “Spoofed Version”
  6. Enter “3.68” into the box
    • The spoofed version in this box should always be the latest official version Sony has released. If a new firmware is released, update this text.
  7. Close the Settings application

how to hack your ps vita custom firmware