How to get the Homebrew Launcher on 3DS

What is the Homebrew Launcher?

Homebrew is a popular term used for “homemade” applications that are created and executed on a closed video game console by developers and consumers. The Homebrew Launcher for 3DS is an application that manages the homebrew applications and keeps the apps organized in a central place.


Why install it?

With a homebrew capable 3DS you can do many things. A few of them being:

  • Run homebrew games such as Aperture Science 3D and 3DSCraft 
  • Play 3DS games from other regions
  • Custom Themes – Make your own themes to use in home menu
  • Run emulators and play retro NES, SNES, GBC, and GBA games

For a full list of homebrew applications available now check out the 3DBrew wiki list here.

List of Current Working Exploits

Primary Exploits

Web Browser (this tutorial uses this method)
Cubic Ninja
Freakyforms Deluxe
Smile Basic
Super Smash Bros. 3DS
Monster Hunter X (N3DS only)
Nintendo 3DS Sound App (9.0-11.2)

Secondary Exploits

Home Menu (this tutorial uses this method)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon
Citizens of Earth
Pixel Paint

Difference between Primary and Secondary Exploit?

  • Primary exploits do not require extra exploits or hardware to use. The only two things needed are the system and the game/exploit.
  • Secondary exploits can only be set up using a system with Homebrew access (including the same one), or extra hardware like Powersaves or a save device.

For a complete and more comprehensive list of all 3DS homebrew exploits view the 3DBrew wiki page here.

Get the homebrew Launcher on 3DS (browserhax + homemenuhax method)


  • 2DS, 3DS, or New 3DS (Regular or XL versions both work)
  • 3DS Firmware must be between 9.0 and 11.0
  • SD Card or Micro SD Card (New 3DS) in your system
  • Internet connection


  1. Go into your 3DS system settings to make sure your 3DS is compatible. Your firmware must be between 9.0 and 11.0.20161009_164006
  2. Next, download the homebrew starter kit.
  3. Once downloaded, move it to your 3DS’s SD Card and right-click and extract the package.3ds-micro-sd-card
    Tips on File Types
    .3dsx files are homebrew applications to be placed in the /3ds folder
    – The /3ds folder contains all the homebrew applications you want to install to your system. You can either place 3DSX files directly inside of that folder, or create an individual folder for each application you install.
    .smdh files contain icons and metadata
    – The /Themes folder is where you can put your custom Home Menu themes
    boot.3dsx is the actual Homebrew Launcher executable file. If nothing else, this file is required.
  4. Prevent updates and Browser Lockout by entering your System Settings and going to
    Internet Settings > Connection Settings > (Existing Connection) > Change Settings > Tap the
    Right Arrow on the screen > and finally choose DNS.
  5. Set the Auto-Obtain to “No” and then press Detailed Setup
  6. set the Primary and Secondary DNS to then press OK and Save the connection. You do not need to test the connection if it worked for you previously.

  7. Set your 3DS’s date and time to 01/01/2000 and 00:0020161009_170642   20161009_170412
  8. Return to the Home Menu and select Change Theme from the Home Menu Settings
    popup (top left corner). Choose a random theme, then put it back to “Do not use a theme”.

  9. Open up the Web Browser app, go into the Settings and delete Cookies and Save Data. Exit the browser. (On old 3DS: Clear Cookies and Initialize Save Data located at the bottom).20161009_170752
  10. Turn off your 3DS’s WiFi either via the switch (old 3DS) or in the Home Menu Settings popup (New 3DS).
  11. Navigate to: OR you can press L+R at the
    Home Menu and click on QR and scan this QR Code:
  12. Go through the Browser setup. It doesn’t matter if you choose Google or Yahoo. Press OK.
  13. It won’t load the page because Wireless Communications are off. Turn them back on and go into the Browser again.
  14. If successful, the 3DS screen will flash different colors and you should boot into the Homebrew Launcher. If your 3DS appears to lock up or does not respond after 30 seconds, hold down the power button to power off the unit and try steps 8-12 again.
  15. Now to install menuhax: Select the Menuhax_Manager application and choose the 3rd option, Configure/Check Haxx Trigger.20161009_172607
  16. Select Type 1 (Recommended) if you want the 3DS to boot to the Home Menu
    first, or Type 2 to let the 3DS boot into Homebrew Launcher directly after power on.
  17. It will now ask you to select which button(s) you want to trigger the Type 1 or Type 2
    effect. You may choose any button combination, but for ease of use, I recommend holding
    down R (Right Shoulder button) and then tapping the bottom touch screen. This will save the
    configuration file.
  18. Back on the main Menuhax_Manager screen, select the Install option and let it configure your 3DS. If you are prompted to “override the detected system version,” press (B) to decline. You will get an installation successful message.
  19. Power off your 3DS. If you selected Type 1 Installation, power your 3DS back on while holding R (or the button(s) you chose) and, after a few moments, it should boot into the Homebrew Launcher.
    Note: Some screen noise and text output is completely normal during the boot process.
    If you selected Type 2 Installation, powering on your 3DS will boot directly to the Homebrew Launcher.

Get the homebrew Launcher on 3DS

Congratulations! You’ve installed the Homebrew Launcher on your 3DS! You can now play games that are out of your region, emulators, get custom themes, and more!

Stay tuned for more 3DS Homebrew Tutorials! Follow @codedonutblog on twitter.

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