SS:BB Stage Texture Hacks


Stage Texture Tutorial

1. Put Gecko OS (once unzipped) into a folder in your SD Card called “apps” (should be in the root of the card) and drop the Gecko OS folder into there (if it is not a folder and just three files, create one and put the three files in there).

2. Create a folder called “codes” in your SD Card (outside of the apps folder you created earlier).

3. Open code manager and get one of the codes below (based on your region, PAL, NTSC, or NTSC-J) and set up your .gct (or you can just create a text file and import it into the code manager)

4. Save the .gct as “RSBE01.gct” and save it to the codes folder. You’re set now with the codes. (If you are PAL, name it “RSBP01.gct”, and NTSC-J name it “RSBJ01”).

5. Make the following directory:

6. Your texture needs to be named like this: STG[insert name here].pcs

7. Load up Brawl through Gecko OS and you should be good to go.

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