Pokemon Sun and Moon – Datamine Leaks

With the release of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Special Demo yesterday, excitement from fans has reached an all-time high. Many are wondering what new features and Pokemon Sun and Moon will add. Well wonder no more! Hackers, dataminers, and trusted Pokemon sources have been hard at work to crack the demo and give us insight on what the new series will bring. Spoilers ahead!

Pokemon Datamine Leaks

See the leaked dex here as well as here.

  • There are going to be “around 800” Pokemon in the Pokedex though not all are in the demo for us to see
  • Geodude family line has an Alolan form as well as other first gen pokemon (see below for pics)
  • Some new attacks: Psychic Terrain, Throat Chop, Aurora Veil
  • There is a new item called Electrium Z
  • There are 186 trainer classes in the demo and 720 attacks
  • There is an Ash-Pikachu form, which dons the classic hat from Ash in the anime
    Pokemon Sun and Moon Datamine Leaks
  • Here are the final evolutions of the starters
  • “Ultra Beasts”, a new sort of creature players will be facing, can be captured
    pokemon-sun-and-moon-leak-ultra-beasts-datamine-1 pokemon-sun-and-moon-leak-ultra-beasts-datamine-2 pokemon-sun-and-moon-leak-ultra-beasts-datamine-3 pokemon-sun-and-moon-leak-ultra-beasts-datamine-4
  • There will be Alolan forms of Pokemon we already know!
    pokemon-sun-moon-alolan-marowakpokemon-sun-moon-alolan-raticate pokemon-sun-moon-ratata pokemon-sun-moon-alolan-persianalolan-dugtrio

More Alolan forms have also been discovered. Given the completeness of the leaks thus far, it seems reasonable to assume we won’t be seeing Alolan forms for newer generations and just the first gen.

Note that most of the extracted Pokemon models are shiny’s. This is due to an oversight from Nintendo leaving these shiny models accidentally while they stripped the normal versions of the Pokemon from the demo.



View the 4 part video series by Kaphotics where he talks about his findings as he datamines the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo!

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