How to make an Action Replay Subscription

 Update: There is a newer way to make an AR subscription and it is much easier. For more information, click here.

What you need:

  1. An Action Replay DS
  2. A website to upload it to (eg. your own website or a file hosting site)
  3. A codelist from your Action Replay Code Manager

How to make an AR subscription:

If you already don’t have a code list you can click on the star icon on the Action Replay Code Manager (orange circle) and under the “my code lists” area it should appear (red oval).

Next, you have to put a game in your code list, which you can get from your subscriptions from (blue oval). All you do is drag and drop the game you chose onto your code list and you’re done. If you want to customize it you can drag and drop cheats or codes from more sources if you wish.

Now that you have a code list you can start making a subscription. All you need to do is click on the start button on your computer. Next, click on Computer, local hard disk drive (C:), Program files, and you should have a folder with the name Datel on it. Click on it, then your Action Replay Code Manager, then there’s a folder called local code lists click on that and decide which code list you want to make into a subscription. Right-click on the code list you chose and choose Open with and then Notepad. You will see a list of all of your codes which you can edit. Find where your code list has this text: <?XML version=1.0 encoding=UTF-8?> and add this under it:

Remember to add the tab. Finally, you have to add </subscription> to the bottom of the code list add put a tab in front of </codelist>. Now you have to upload this document onto your own website and you can test it to make sure it works.

How to make an Action Replay Subscription



There is a new and much easier way to make subscriptions, it involves no coding or .xml tags whatsoever. AR Subscription Maker allows you to edit XML code lists for the DS Action Replay. It is useful for people who wish to edit or modify their own codes, but don’t want to figure out how the XML works. It generates nicely formatted XML as output. You can download it by clicking here.