How to play movies and videos on your DS, DSi, DS Lite

Ever wanted toff watch downloaded movies or videos on your DS without WiFi? This tutorial will show you how to do just that by using a DS homebrew application called Moonshell DS.


  • If you want to watch movies or videos on your DS Phat or DS Lite you need a flashcart such as Cyclo DS, R4, Acekard, DSTT, or some flashcart that can run roms, and homebrew.
  • If you want to watch movies or videos on your DSi, however, you need a DSi compatible flashcart. For example, the Acekard2i, M3 Zero, R4i, iTouch DS, Super card DSOnei, DSTTi, etc.

Once you have a flashcart for your DS your need to get a homebrew application called Moonshell that will load the movies/videos off of your microSD. Moonshell 1.71 with DPG Tools has all the necessary files you will need to convert regular video files to .dpg format. .dpg is the file format needed for your DS to be able to recognize and play the video file.

Download: Moonshell 1.71 with DPG Tools

How to play movies and videos on your DS

A Note on Skins (Optional):

I have included a Windows Vista skin in the download and if you wish to change it you will need to Google for more skins for Moonshell 1.71. To change the skin, go into the moonshl folder and then into the skin folder and replace all the files with the files of whatever skin you want to install.

Download my Moonshell Skin Pack

Setting up Moonshell

Once you have downloaded Moonshell 1.7 extract its contents (right-click, extract) and move the “moonshl” folder to the root of your microSD card (aka: E:/ or whatever drive your microSD uses). Once you have that on the root you can put the moonshell.nds file anywhere on your card.

How to convert video files to .dpg

Open up the dpgtools folder and double-click on: dpgenc.exe You will see something like this:


If it is in Japanese or you can’t understand it, change the language through the menu bar.

You can change where the .dpg file will go to by clicking on the “change” button.


You can change the options by clicking on the options button near the top. I wouldn’t recommend changing these if you don’t know what they are for.


To convert a video file to .dpg you must get the file and drag and drop it onto the blue rectangle.
Once the .dpg file is generated you can put it on your microSD card anyplace you’d like. I personally have a folder called Media and in that folder I have subfolders called: Movies, Videos, Music, Pictures, and Text.


NOTE: Although the title says “R4/m3”, You can do this on any flashcart that runs on a DS.

Well that is the end of the tutorial and I hope it helped you watch movies and videos on your DS!