How to play Switch eShop games using SX OS (eShop .NSP)

With the release of SX OS v1.3 we now have Switch eShop game support as well as LayeredFS support. Switch eShop games come in an .nsp file format. Unlike the drag-and-drop regular Switch backup games in .xci format, eShop .nsp games need to be installed on the Switch via the DevMenu using LayeredFS. Follow this simple tutorial play Switch eShop games on SX OS. This will work even if you’ve been banned from the Nintendo eShop/online.

Requirements to play Switch eShop games on SX OS

  • SX OS/SX Pro
  • Pokemon Quest (free from eShop) OR South Park: The Fractured but Whole .XCI
  • DevMenu (download below)
  • microSD card


Part 1: Prepare your Switch

Download Pokemon Quest from the eShop. This game will be our donor game that we will modify using LayeredFS to run the DevMenu we need to be able to install .nsp eShop titles.

If your Switch has been banned from the eShop (WORKAROUND/FIX)

Download South Park: The Fractured but Whole .XCI and use this game as the donor game for the DevMenu. Put the .xci on the root of your micro SD card to use with SX OS.

Part 2: Prepare micro SD Card

  1. Insert your Switch’s micro SD card into your computer
  2. Download the DevMenu for your title:
  3. Make a folder on the root of your Switch micro SD card called “sxos”. In that folder maker another folder called “titles”.
  4. Copy the contents of the DevMenu download into the “titles” folder.
  5. Put the NSP you want to install on your micro SD card. It can be on the root of your micro sd card or in an nsp folder.

Your SD Card should look similar to the screenshot below. Note the file tree.

play Switch eShop games on SX OS

The file structure for Pokemon Quest should be:

The filre structure for South Park: TFBW should be:

Part 3: Install the NSP eShop game

  1. Boot into SX OS using a jig tool/SX Pro dongle or other method and choose “Boot custom FW” option.
  2. Launch the donor title that you are using (I’m using South Park).
    layered FS Dev menu donor game
  3. The DevMenu should appear. If the DevMenu GUI is a glitched, press the HOME button and re-enter the game.
    play Switch eShop games on SX OS
  4. On the “Application” tab, select “Install from SD” and it should locate the .NSP eShop titles on your micro SD.
    sx os devmenu layeredfs
  5. Navigate to the NSP you want to install and press A to begin the installation
  6. You can choose to install it to the SD card or the system memory. Select an option with A, then press A on “Start”
  7. The NSP will now install. Depending on the size of the game, it might take a couple of minutes.
  8. After the installation is complete, press A on “Close” and exit the donor game.
  9. After closing out of the donor game, your new game should show up on the Home menu!
  10. Enjoy!

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