How to Install SX OS and SX Pro

[SWITCH] How to Install SX OS and SX Pro exploit by Team Executor

Team Executor’s custom SX OS firmware has been released for the Nintendo Switch. Because it is a hardware exploit, it is a future proof solution that works on any version of the Switch, even users on the latest 5.1.0 official firmware. So what can you do with SX OS? A few of the benefits are:

  • Play Nintendo Switch Homebrew
  • Play downloaded/backup copies of your Switch games
  • Card2 games are supported
  • SX Pro dongle is highly portable and eliminates the need of injecting payload via PC cable. Dongle firmware can also be updated.

This tutorial will cover everything you need to install SX OS and SX Pro firmware on your Nintendo Switch.

How to Install SX OS and SX Pro


  1. Any Nintendo Switch console
  2. microSD card (≥ 128 GB recommended)
  3. microSD card reader (I use this one)
  4. SX Pro dongle
  5. Jig Tool (included with SX Pro)
  6. SX OS firmware files – official download
  7. NX Homebrew Launcher – official download
  8. PC, Mac, or Linux

An internet connection is optional. SX OS can be installed without ever connecting your Nintendo Switch online.

Where to buy SX Pro

SX Pro comes with a license for SX OS installed as well as a jig tool. It is the easiest way to get SX OS onto your Nintendo Switch. Without an SX OS license, you will be limited to only  being able to play Switch homebrew. In order to buy an SX Pro, check out the official list of SX Pro Resellers here.

How to Install SX OS Using SX Pro

1. Prepare your microSD card

Your micro SD card can be formatted as FAT32 or exFAT, it does not matter. However, exFAT is more convenient because it can be read by both Mac and Windows platforms.

  1. Visit Team Executor’s official website  and download the latest version of SX OS onto your computer.
  2. Visit the official NX Homebrew Launcher release page and download the latest .zip archive.
  3. Extract the SX OS .zip archive and place the contents of the archive on the root of your microSD card.
  4. Extract the NX Homebrew Launcher .zip archive and place the “hbmenu.nro” file on the root of your microSD card. Make a folder named “switch” on the root of your microSD card. This is where you will place switch homebrew .nro files.
    Your microSD card should look similar to the screenshot below.
  5. Remove the microSD Card from your computer and insert it into your Nintendo Switch

Switch not reading your homebrew or game files?

If your microSD card is exFAT you may experience an issue where SX OS is not reading your game or homebrew files. To fix this, you need to remove archiving for the contents of your microSD using a Windows PC.

  1. Select all the files and folders on your micro SD
  2. Right click and select “Properties”
  3. In the “General” tab click “Advanced…”
  4. Uncheck the box that says “Folder is ready for archiving”

3. Prepare your Nintendo Switch

Insert the SX Pro dongle and jig tool into your Nintendo Switch. The dongle goes into the USB-C charger port and the jig tool goes into the right joycon rail as seen in the picture below.

How to Install SX OS and SX Pro

4. Boot into RCM mode

To boot into RCM mode, hold the volume-up button as you press the power button. SX OS should start. You can remove the dongle and jig tool once SX OS starts. In a couple of seconds you should see the SX OS logo and the screen below.

Select the “Boot into custom FW” option.

5. Activate your SX OS License to enjoy all features

Before activating SX OS you may see the screen below:

Offline Activation Method

  1. A license-request.dat file will be generated and placed on your microSD Card.
  2. Simply insert your microSD card into your computer and upload your license-request.dat file on the official SX OS activation website .
  3. A license.dat will be generated. Download this file and place it on your microSD card

Online Activation Method

  1. Make sure your Switch is connected to the internet
  2. Enter the “album viewer” from the Nintendo Switch main menu and click on “license”
  3. Your license should activate online and a license.dat file will be placed on the microSD card

6. Enjoy the latest Switch games and Switch homebrew!

Congrats, you can now enjoy Switch homebrew and game backups!

You can leave the Nintendo Switch console in CFW mode to be able to play backups/homebrew. If the console goes into Sleep Mode, SX OS CFW will still work after the console wakes up.

If you turn off or reboot your Switch you will need the SX Pro dongle and jig tool to boot into RCM Mode and start SX OS again. You’ll have to hold the Volume Up and Power button with the jig tool and SX Pro dongle inserted.

  • To play Switch homebrew: hold the R button and then enter the Album application
  • To view screenshots and videos: hold the L button and then enter the Album application
  • To play game backups: simply enter the Album application

Where to find Switch Homebrew?


Check out the SwitchBrew wiki for a  huge database of released homebrew including games, emulators, and utilities.

Download the switch homebrew app store to be able to download and install Switch homebrew apps and games without removing your microSD card. An internet connection is required.

Nintendo Switch homebrew menu hbmenu

How to play Switch game backups?

Playing switch game backups is easy. However, before doing this please consult with your country’s specific laws regarding the use of backup games.

Switch backups/ROMs come in the form of .XCI files. Trimmed .XCI files are supported by SX OS. To play them follow these simple instructions:

  1. Download the Switch .XCI file and place it on the root of your microSD card
  2. Boot the Switch in RCM mode and start SX OS CFW
  3. Launch the Switch Album application and your game should appear. Launch the game by pressing A
  4. The game will appear on the Switch main menu
  5. Simply press A to launch the game and enjoy!



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Q: Why is there – and + symbols engraved in the SX Pro dongle? Since USB-C devices can be plugged in either way, people are worried if dongle plugged in upside down, the + on left and – on right, and SX label facing down, that the Switch will blew up or get bricked, etc.
Q: Huh, two caps, how do they get 'charged'? Do I have now and then plug my dongle into micro-USB cable to charge it, what happens when it runs out of power? — Why not battery instead? — Does it instead drain my Switch battery, what happens if I leave it plugged in.
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Q: Is the license for life and updates included?
Q: What do I need if I only buy SX OS?

Updates and SX OS features coming soon

Team Executor is hard at work with providing frequent updates and support to their SX OS. Within the last two weeks they have released two updated to their firmware, one of which included Card2 game support. Here are a few features to look forward to:

  • Chainloading Linux
  • eShop games
  • Cheat support
  • Emunand support
  • Dump cartridges
  • Better menu for accessing game backups

SX Pro and SX OS Review

Check out my in-depth review of the SX Pro and SX OS here.

If you have SX OS, how do you like it? Leave your comments below.

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