How to play DVDs on your Wii

Assuming that you’ve got the Homebrew Channel loaded, head back to your computer. Download both of these zip files from here: Link (mplayer and DVDX)

Once downloaded, click the README file in each and give it a read. If you don’t want to, then just extract them directly onto your SD card within the “apps” folder. If you don’t have an apps folder in your SD card’s main directory, then make one.

What your SD Card should look like

This should be what the main root directory of the SD looks like after you’ve placed the “di” and “Mplayer” folders in it.
Head into the Di folder

Head into the folder. You’re going to need to rename one file.
Rename the install file

Rename it to “boot.dol”. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to put your SD card into your Wii and load up the homebrew.

Start up the Homebrew Channel

Now that you have the other folders placed into your SD, take it out of your reader and put it back into your Wii. Then boot up the console and load the Homebrew Channel.
This should be in your apps list

intro screen

Once you’ve selected on the bottom app, you should get this screen. Pick the basic install and let it run its course, which should be all of 15 seconds.
You’ve installed it!

Now that you’ve got this done, exit and you’ll be at the Wii’s main menu. Load up the Homebrew Channel again and get back to the apps list from before.
It’s time to load MPlayer

Now we’re getting close to the end of our journey. Once you click on the Mplayer app and it loads, you’ll be pushed to the main menu of Mplayer.
MPlayer is up and running

This is the main menu for Mplayer. Nothing fancy, but when you put a DVD into your Wii, magic will happen. Once you have a DVD inserted into your console, use the Wiimote d-pad and scroll down to DVD-Video. Select that and your movie will start playing!
It worked!