All about Animal Map DS

What is Animal Map?

Animal Map is a map editor for Windows that edits the gamesave of the Nintendo DS game “Animal Crossing: Wild World” (US or EU versions) for the Nintendo DS. Use this tutorial to make your own custom town!

What you need:

Getting the program and demo town:

Before you can learn to use Animal Map, you need to download it first. To download it click here.
Also, you need a .duc save because AR-DS cannot generate its own save. To get the demo town click here.
Now that you have the program and the save, let’s get started.

Recreating Your Town:

First, Open up the program Animal Map and choose your .duc save and click on open. The first thing you do is enable advanced mode. You do this by clicking on Advanced in the lower left-hand side of the program. When a popup comes up click yes.

all about Animal Map DS


Now that you’re in advanced mode you need to edit your rivers and building acres to match exactly as they look like in your town. To do this click on core river edit in the lower left-hand side of Animal Map and Click save changes when you are done. After you have your rivers in place of where they go, you have to edit your world map. Click on the lower left-hand side where it says advance world edit. Now place your neighbors, stores, bulletin board, your house, etc. as close as possible to match the map in your game.


Remember if you cannot find an item you can always click on find name in the upper right-hand side of advanced world edit. Click on save changes when you are done.

What Super River Editing is:

Super River Editing lets you remove your walls and add rivers and bridges OUTSIDE of your map boundaries. Please keep in mind that this is for people that have had experience with Animal Map and if you use it wrong it could mess up your game. I will show you how to use this later.

How to generate codes and put them on AR DS:

  1. Every time you want to make a code for your DS with Animal Map and put them on your ARDS you have to do the following steps on Action Replay Code Manager:
  2. Connect your DS to your computer via the USB cable.
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of ARCM by clicking on SOFTWARE UPGRADE in the upper right-hand side.
  4. Drag your ACWW codelist from your ARDS to your codelist that you made or use.
    Now every time you make a code on Animal Map and you want to put it on your codelist you do the following:

Click on “AR-DS” up at the top and pick “Snapshot”


Do whatever you want to make a code out of (for example: super river editing)

When you are done Press the Save Changes button and click on AR-DS again but this time click on Make AR DS Code…


  • First, select the game version
  • Next, pick a button combo (A.K.A activator/joker) you will use to enable this code in the game.
  • For the area where it says, “pick size of data” you choose 16 bit. What this does is make the code length smaller or bigger but you don’t need to really mess with that.

Press the “#5) Copy to Clipboard” button to copy the code.

Now in your codelist in ARCM you right-click and choose “add new cheat” and you just paste the code that you got from Animal Map and give your cheat a name (for example: west wall edit up+r)

Back in Animal Map if you want to make new codes to put onto ARCM you just choose “#6) Done, re-Snapshot”

How to Super River Edit:

First click on “edit” up at the top and then choose “edit river super mode.” The greenish-brown squares are your outside boundaries.



  • If you see red borders around the inside (normal boundaries) fix them!
  • You can only have 3 bridges MAX unless they are duplicated. (I have 6).
  • You must only have ONE waterfall. If you have more than one, your game might overload and not boot up.
  • You must always duplicate tiles in the outer area of your map.
  • If you don’t like the ocean you can remove it.
  • Although this is extra space you cannot place items, seeds, etc.
  • Only edit 1-3 squares at a time because if the code gets to long it could freeze your game.



Info about Animal Map:

Animal Map made by: DsPet of and the latest version is 1.8.