Most helpful sites for AC:WW

Looking for ACWW codes? How about patterns and town tunes? Or maybe you like subscriptions? My guide will give you a heads up to all the great sites out there that have a nice collection of ACWW related info.

Sites for codes:

  1. – This site is very helpful and it contains AR codes for all three versions of ACWW. I got some of my codes from people on here. One thing though, you have to make your own account in order to have access to these codes. It doesn’t take long, though.
  2. Animal Crossing Save Editing – A site filled with many resources on editing AC:WW saves. Highly recommended you check this one out.
  3. NeoSeeker – This site is helpful also but it’s kind of hard to tell what game versions the AR codes are for because some people don’t state the version the code they posted is for.  So you kinda have to figure it out by testing them. Overall this is a pretty good site.
  4. SuperCheats – This site has a lot of AR codes but they are all mixed up but you can go there to search for any codes other websites don’t have. Some of these codes are unverified so use at your own risk. Also like neoseeker, some people don’t state the game version their code is for.
  5. AiboHack – This site gives you ALL of the hex codes for ACWW. You can use these if you have the Text To Item code uploaded on your AR DS. This is a VERY helpful site and I recommend you to save this list onto a word processor so you can easily have access to it at any time.


I’m sure there are a lot more sites out there dedicated to ACWW subscriptions and codes. If you just google “ACWW Subscriptions” you will find a lot of freewebs sites that people have made that have a nice amount of ACWW codes.


  • Animal Crossing Community – This is probably the most known community/forums for ACWW. Overall it’s a great site but the restrictions are too much, and the staff members are currently resigning. But change is good. Right? Well, they have a vast collection of patterns, town tunes and guides for ACWW.

PC Utilities:

  • Anicro Desapro and Anicro Murapro – These are pattern creators for ACWW and now supported in Vash’s ( PattView for AC:CF. Anicro makes a single pattern and Muraprop makes murals. An interesting feature is that you can upload your patterns to Animal Crossing Community. Anicro Desapro and Murapro made by Joshua James Slone.
  • Pattern Viewer – by Thulinma
    View patterns, import acww files, view text, edit bulletin board, etc. (Mirror Download link)