Supercard DSTwo Review

This is a review of the SuperCard DSTwo, a slot-1 DS flashcard loaded with features. In this review, I will discuss the main features, what you can expect as well as a video review.

What’s in the box?

So when you first receive the package, you’ll get a box similar to the picture below. It’s contents are:

Supercard DSTwo Review and Unboxing

1x DSTwo flashcard
1x MicroSD USB Adaptor
1x Manual

Supercard DSTwo Build Quality

The flashcard itself feels sturdy and durable. Though a little bit too thick.You can feel a bump on the sticker side of the flash card. This makes the flashcard a little hard to insert into the DS system. However, it should fit with a little bit more extra force than usual. The flashcard is compared to the size of the Acekard 2i. It is pretty much the same width/height but it is slightly thicker. The back side of the SuperCard DSTwo has some well-spaced contacts and you shouldn’t have a problem with the flashcard losing contact.



Supercard DSTwo Software

The super cards main icon at the time of this review is “Fish Tycoon”:



When you start the flashcard, you’ll see a menu similar to that of the DSi’s. This is called the “plugin menu” (picture above). You can add homebrew games and applications to this menu so you have easier access to them. I think this is a good idea. I don’t really like the default skin but you can find a lot of skins to switch this menu with on other sites. I’ll post links at the end.

When you launch the NDS Games icon, you will be at the “main menu”. That is where you can load DS ROMs and Homebrew games and applications. The “main menu” is also skinnable.

Real-Time Menu feature

When you press L+R+start during any DS game, you will access the Real-Time menu. In this menu you can access real-time guide, real time cheats, save states (up to 10 I believe), load saves states, slow motion, free cheat. Real Time guide lets you view .bmp and .txt files that you can use to help you in any game. Real Time Cheats let you enable/disable cheats while playing a game. Save states let you have many saves with one game; useful if several people in your family play a certain game and everyone wants their own save. Slow motion slows the game down so you can have more precise control over a game. Free cheat lets you search values in the game to make your own cheats while playing a game.

GBA Emulator (first of its kind!)

The GBA emulator for the DS is compatible with most games, but not all. Below is a picture of Drill Dozer. The bottom screen shows the options of the GBA emulator.


The DSTwo also has a native movie player that is compatible with most video and audio file types. It also has a PDF, picture, and text reader, and SNES emulator.



This little flashcard will usually cost around $35. For the features you are getting I believe this card pays for itself.

Final Verdict


I have to say, this is the best slot-1 flashcart that is out right now. At about $35-$40 I’d say it’s definitely worth it. If you are looking for a all-in-one flashcart this would be the one for you.

Video Review:

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