PPSE-DS – Edit Pokemon Save files right from your DS Flashcart

What is PPSE-DS?

bglogoPPSE DS stands for Project Pokemon Save Editor DS.  It is a small bit of homebrew made to run on Nintendo DS Flash Carts. It edits the saves of Generation 4 Pokemon games right on the flash cart. It is similar to Pokesav or Pokegen but different in that you can edit your save files right on your DS if you have a flashcart.


Works with

  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon Heart Gold
  • Pokemon Soul Silver

Flashcarts known to work on

  • Supercard DSTwo
  • CycloDS Evolution
  • Acekard 2i AKAIO
  • EZ-Flash V (root only)
  • Most R4 clones (root only)


  • Edits trainer data
    • Trainer Name
    • Rival Name
    • TID
    • SID
    • Gender
    • Money
    • Badges
  • Edits Box & Party Pokemon
    • Move Pokemon around boxes
    • Delete Pokemon
    • Clone Pokemon
    • Edits Pokemon Name
    • Edits Pokemon IV & EVs
    • Edits Pokemon Moveset (auto sets PP)
    • Edits Pokemon Ability
    • Edits Pokemon Species
    • Edits Pokemon EXP/Level
    • Edits Pokemon Item
    • Edits Pokemon Trainer Data (name,tid,sid,gender)
    • Edits Pokemon Contest Stats
  • Edits item data
    • Add Items
    • Inline Add (insert) Items
    • Delete items.
    • Automated Item Resort


snapshot000 snapshot001 snapshot004b

snapshot002 snapshot005 snapshot006

How to Install



Depending on what flashcart you have will determine how you install it. Generally speaking, place the .nds homebrew file you downloaded on your flashcart’s microSD where you keep your other homebrew files.