Skoshbox Review – August 2014 Edition

This is a review of the August 2014 edition of Skoshbox, a monthly subscription to Japanese candy! I have to say, this was a very interesting box to review. If you want to check out my first Skoshbox review click here.


1. Green Tea Oreo (Soft Oreo with Matcha Cream Filling)

This was really good. It wasn’t like a regular orea that had the two hard cookies. This one had two cake-like ones that made it all the better. The matcha filling wasn’t enough in my opinion, it could have used more or at least the same amount an Oreo would have.


2. Sanko Zara Jiman Senbei (Rice Cracker with Granulated Sugar Topping)

I thought this would be like a regular cracker with sugar on top. Nope. Rice crackers taste much different than what I was expecting. It’s harder to chew than any of the crackers I’m used to (besides the US Army ones). I’m not exactly sure how to describe rice crackers. But I’ll just say that I’d definitely eat more.


3. Teriyaki Burger Umaibo (Puffed Corn Stick – Teriyaki Burger Flavored)

At first, I was almost certain I wasn’t going to like this. The words “Teriyaki Burger” didn’t really sound great to me. After trying it though, I’ve got to say it’s my favorite Umaibo (puffed corn stick) I’ve tried up until this point. I could taste the burger, the pickles were a prominent flavor. It was all just a good mixture of flavors in my opinion. If I were to order more Umaibo’s, this would definitely be one of the flavors I’d want to eat again.


4. Pocky Classic (Chocolate Cream Covered Biscuit Sticks)

These were regular old Pocky sticks. I’ve had these before and I like them. My favorite pocky flavor would have to be Matcha. Too bad this item was one that I had already tried. Unlike last month’s box, this was the only flavor that wasn’t new to me.


5. Pokemon Ramune (Ramune Fizzy Cider Drink Flavored Candies) – 1st Pokemon Item

I was very excited to try these once I saw that they were Pokemon branded. Upon opening the package was little circular tablets that looked like vitamins or smarties candies. Not the most appealing but they tasted quite good. They were “Fizzy” like soda and had a fruit flavor. I only wish that it had been an assorted variety of flavors, which might’ve been better. There were just branded with Pikachu for some reason.


6. Maison De Kukkia (Matcha Choccolate Cookie Sandwhich)

This cookie looked super appetizing since I love everything that is Matcha and Green Tea. It did not disappoint. Unlike other candies, this had a lot of Matcha flavored filling in it which made it all the better. The only thing is that it wasn’t really a cookie, it had two very thin wafers on the outside but it was still super great.


7. Kasugai Apple Gummy (Juicy Apple Gummies) – x2

There were two of these little gummies in the box. I didn’t think it woud be all that special since it was just a gummy but I was wrong. This gummy had a super strong apple flavor, it was like I was eating the actual thing. Very sweet and concentrated and great. I really enjoyed this and I guess any gummy bears or peach rings I eat after this won’t live up to this Kasugai apple gummy.


8. Sakura Mochi Chocolate (Cherry Blossom and Azuki Bean Choco with Mochi Filling)

I’ve tried several of these as they’ve been included in past Skoshbox editions. I’ve always liked them and even though I can’t really pinpoint these flavors, it was very good just like the others I’ve tried.


9. Caplico Cones (Waffle Cones with Ice Cream-ey Centers in Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate)

In this box I got the chocolate cone! It came melted because I live in Texas where they leave this box in my mailbox in 100 degree weather. So all of the filling in the cone was melted and it was hollow. So, I’m not exactly sure how this is supposed to look but the wrapper was very cute and it tasted really good too.


10. French Papiro (Hard Cookie Shell with Creamy Green Tea Filling)

This cookie was hard just like the paper stated. The green tea filling wasn’t much but overall it was still a good addition to the box because you can never go wrong with green tea!

Favorite Candy: It’s hard picking just a single candy in this month’s box but I would have to say the Teriyaki Burger Umaibo. Funny how I thought this would be my least favorite! I loved it because of the different mixtures of flavors that contrasted but in the end went well together. I’m debating on ordering a box full of these.

Overall thoughts: This have been my favorite box thus far as it has had the most variety. All of the things with the exception of the classic Pocky have been new and different to try. Keep it up Skoshbox!


Check out my previous Skoshbox review here! With two months of satisfying boxes, I can definitely recommend this subscription service.

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