Action Replay Gamecube Loader Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to install AR GC Loader v1.14, which lets you use cheats on Gamecube games. See end of post for video tutorial.

Things you will need

  • The Homebrew Channel installed on your wii
  • An SD card for use with the wii homebrew channel
  • At least one 3rd Party Gamecube Memory card
  • A way to copy the action replay save data to you Gamecube memory card in slot B (included in download link)
  • A Gamecube controller
  • A gamecube Game
  • AR GC Loader pack: download (mirror)


1. First take the Rvl-mios-v5.wad.out.wad file and the ar114.dol and apps folder and place them in your front sd card root dir. If an apps directory already exists on your sd card then copy only the subfolders into the apps directory. Now from the Homebrew channel run the program Mios patch. This will patch your Mios to enable the loader and the homebrew loader for the gamecube as well. Just follow the onscreen instructions. (shouldn’t cause any problems for any of your wii’s GC Compatability)

2. Insert original Gamecube game then run the Action Replay Loader from the Homebrew Channel. It will load into Action Replay v1.14. You can now use cheats with your ORIGINAL Gamecube dvds. (Do not try to change which game you are using after you start the AR. I have yet to try it with a multi disk game so I can’t say if it works or not…….)

NOTE: This does work but often has compatability issues with certain memory Cards (official Nintendo brands do NOT work).

Wii Channel wad:

AR GC Wii Channel .wad (mirror) – install using WAD Manager

Video Tutorial