SS:BB Texture Hack Tutorial

You’re going to need a few things before doing any of this:

Once you have all the necessities here’s what you need to do:

1. Put Gecko OS (once unzipped) into a folder in your SD Card called “apps” (should be in the root of the card) and drop the Gecko OS folder into there (if it is not a folder and just three files, create one and put the three files in there).
2. Create a folder called “codes” in your SD Card (outside of the apps folder you created earlier).
3. Open code manager and get one of the codes below (based on your region, PAL, NTSC, or NTSC-J) and set up your .gct (If you don’t know how to do this, just ask someone in the thread, I’m sure they can help! Or you can just create a text file and import it into the code manager).

4. Save the .gct as “RSBE01.gct” and save it to the codes folder. You’re set now with the codes. (If you are PAL, call it “RSBP01.gct”, and NTSC-J call it “RSBJ01”).
5. Now here’s the tricky part everyone seems to have trouble with understanding. It is not very hard to understand at all, read carefully. Make the following directory (meaning folders) in your SD Card:

Now, inside fighter you would create a specific folder for each character based on how their names are stored on the disc, the list for that is below.

So, a directory for Captain Falcon would look like this: private/wii/app/RSBE/pf/fighter/captain
6. Once you have all the folders you want for the characters you want textures for, visit a few texture sites (listed below) to grab cool textures you like (this list will likely grow over time):

7. Once you have the textures you want, you need to name the texture file the color you want to replace. Each number represents a color of that character, so, 00 = default, 01 = first color, 02 = second color and so on. Now, the order of the colors can be quite confusing for each character so here is a convenient list of that below.

Here’s an example of what a Captain Falcon texture file would be named if it were replacing his 01 color: FitCaptain01.pcs
And here’s what the directory would look like with that finally included:

Every character does NOT need their .pac file but, you need to name the .pac file the same way you named the .pcs file except without the .pcs extension (just the .pac extension instead) so Captain Falcon’s .pac file would look like this: FitCaptain01.pac (of his first color, you need to change the number according to what you set it to for the .pcs, this is merely an example, it will not always be 01). The characters who DO need their .pac files are below:

.pac files are mostly used for the other modes outside of versus modes, so, you do not need them if they are not the characters above. The reason why the characters above need them are for their transformations, otherwise, the textures get lost in the sea of the abyss when you transform or switch (PT). Also, for ZSS, you may need to use a CSS code with her to get her to work better (as her textures need to be loaded from the CSS if you are using v 1.1).

8. If your textures did not work, make sure your directory is set up accordingly or you didn’t mess up on the color choice, check EVERY color if you really don’t know which one you put it on. The codes DO work, you’re just doing something wrong.

9. Otherwise, you have done it! Congratulations! You have successfully put textures on your Wii! These textures are in no way permanent, you have to load the codes each time you want access to them and nobody will see them online unless they have the same codes on as you and the same textures as you. ! Also, Gecko OS has a 256 line limit (due to the Wii’s RAM limit) so please try not to add anymore codes than that after the texture codes have been applied. Textures also do not show up in replays if you watch them without the codes on (in other words, the replays do not store texture data). However, Snapshots DO save the textures even without the codes on (this is obvious) so you can show off to your friends that you can do texture hacking now!

Useful Links



Character Select Portraits

Some websites have them with the download, but a package of commonly used ones is HERE.


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