How to downgrade your Wii Tutorial

This is a guide written by DsHacker14 that shows you how to downgrade your Wii from 4.1 to any version below that.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible if you brick your wii, you do this at your own risk.


When you downgrade your Wii you will have to downgrade it to the same region your wii is right now. To find out what region your Wii is now go to your Wii settings then look at the top right corner. There should be two numbers followed by a letter.
Heres what the letters mean:

U = North America
E = Europe
J = Japan

So with that in mind, when you downgrade your Wii downgrade to the recommended version (3.2) and the corresponding letter of your Wii’s region.


  • The Wii downgrader package I compiled: Link (mirror)
  • A homebrew enabled Wii
  • 4.1 or below Wii (this is untested on 4.1j)

Advanced homebrew user downgrade guide:

  1. Extract the files.
  2. Put the folders where they belong (apps in apps folder, wads in WAD folder)
  3. Load wad manager 1.3 and install IOS16-64-v247.wad
  4. Load wad managerIOS16 and install cios_fix.wad
  5. Load cios downgrader 1.2 and select your region and firmware, then wait for it to install
  6. Load ios downgrader 1.0 and wait (waninkoko has recently released v1.1 but v1.0 should still work)
  7. Your done! Check your wii settings and in the top right corner it should say the firmware you downgraded to.

Novice users Guide

  1. Make a folder called apps on the root of your SD Card
  2. Make a folder called WAD On The root of Your SD Card
    **If those folders are already there don’t worry about it. Also the ROOT of your sd card is the beggining of your sd card or, in other words, the first window you see when you open your sd card up**
  3. Put the files that are inside: “Put In apps Folder” in the apps folder of your sd card
  4. Put the files that are inside: “Put In wad Folder” in your WAD Folder of your sd card
  5. Insert the SD card into your Wii and start up The Homebrew Channel
  6. Load WAD Manager 1.3, press A 2 times and use The D-pad to scroll down until you find this file: IOS16-64-v257.wad
  7. Install that file by pushing the + button on the file. Then press A and wait
  8. When that is done press Home then go back to the homebrew channel and open Wad ManagerIOS16
  9. Find The File Called “cios_fix.wad” and press the + Button on the file to install it. Then Press A and wait. When it is finished press the Home button.
  10. Now launch The Homebrew Channel and load cIOS Downgrader 1.2. Scroll Down Using The D-pad and then chose your firmware version (I recommend 3.2) and region. Press the + button to start the cios downgrade. Please wait patiently
  11. Now go back to The Homebrew Channel. Load IOS Downgrader 1.0. Start the downgrade and wait
  12. Your done! Now when you get back to the Wii Menu and go to settings you will see in the top right corner that it should say 3.2 (or whatever firmware you downgraded to) and then a letter for your region (u for North America, e for Europe, j for Japan)

Now that you’ve downgraded..

I strongly recommend that you do not update through Nintendo or disc updates ever again.
If you buy a new game that contains a mandatory update there is a way to remove it. It’s a homebrew application called Starfall or you can also use Preloader.