How to play burned Wii ISO games

DISCLAIMER: This software comes with no warranty expressed or implied; any risk of using the software is if your choosing and is not my fault, Nintendo’s fault, Wii Gator’s fault, or anyone else’s. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Use of this software may void your Nintendo Wii’s Warranty. Use at your own risk and with GAME BACKUPS YOU LEGALLY OWN

What you need:

  • Blank DVD-R discs
  • CIOS Rev 8
  • A Wii ISO (Wii game .iso) (NOT PATCHED)
  • The Backup loader (either neogamma or backup launcher 0.3)
  • WAD Manager
  • Homebrew Channel
  • ImgBurn or Nero (to burn a wii game to dvd disc)

Download: Everything you need for the loader is in one pack download: here (mirror).

How to Use (Experienced Homebrew user):

  1. Download all files.
  2. Install the CIOS on your Wii
  3. Install the channel “backup loader” or just put it on your SD Card
  4. Put the IOS64.wad in the root of your sd card.
  5. Download and then burn the ISO with ImgBurn or Nero at its lowest speed on a DVD-R disc.
  6. Run the loader (either the channel or through the app launched via HBC)

Novice Guide:

Part One: Preparing the Loader 
1. Configure your SD card for homebrew. Learn about some of the basic concepts and most used programs in using homebrew, such as the Twilight Hack and the Homebrew Channel.
2. Boot the Homebrew channel.

Part Two: Wii Setup. 
1. Install cIOS rev 7 via the Homebrew Channel with the cIOS installer included in the download.

Now you are ready to get some games and play them on your Wii.

Part Three: Getting and Playing games on Your Wii 
1. Find an ISO and download it.
2. Once you download the ISO burn it with ImgBurn or Nero at its lowest speed on a DVD-R disc (recommendation: VERBATIM DVD-R)
3. Put your disc in the Wii. Boot up your Wii and load the Backup Loader from the Homebrew Channel or just use the Backup Loader channel.  (if you have it)