Indiana Pwns Wii Exploit Tutorial

Indiana Pwns is an exploit found in the game Lego Indiana Jones. It works on all Wii regions and firmware versions up to 4.3.



Wii ———————-

1. If you never played Lego Indiana Jones before, play it and let it create a save file.

2. Go (back) to the Wii menu. Now go to the Data Management (Wii Button -> Data Management -> Save Options). Copy the save file from Lego Indiana Jones to the SD Card.

Computer ———————-

3. Browse to your SD Card. You should see a Private folder here. Rename this folder to PrivateOld.

4. Download the Indiana Pwns exploit and copy the Private folder of the package to your SD card.

5. Place your boot.elf file (the file to boot) on the (root of the) SD Card. Make sure it is called boot.elf!

Wii ———————-

6. Go back to the Data Management. First remove your Lego Indiana Jones savefile (don’t worry, we made a backup of it).
Now choose the SD Card tab on the top right and copy over the Indiana Pwns savefile for your region to the Wii.
7. Play the Lego Indiana Jones game. Load the new save file.

You will be in the Main hall now. First go to the Courtyard. From there, go to the Art Room at the end. You will see a podium with 2 characters on it, talk to the left one.
It will give you a set of options, go left 2 times to choose the switch option (Black silhouette with a white arrow to another black silhouette).

The Indiana Pwns exploit will take over here.

Video Tutorial: