How to softmod a 4.3 Wii

First download this package (mirror).
Extract it and put the files onto a SD card and insert the SD card into the Wii.

Installing a Trucha’d IOS into slot 236.

Run 1. IOS236 Installer v5 MOD
It should say “IOS236 installation is complete!” and return to The Homebrew Channel.

Installing cIOS & Patching the System Menu IOS (The good stuff!)

Run 2. YAWM Multimod Batch
It should automatically start installing the necessary wads you need.
Make sure it says “0 failed” at the end, and after a few seconds it will return you to The Homebrew Channel.

*If you experience a code dump when running YAWM Multimod Batch, delete the wm_config.txt file found inside the /wad directory, and then run YAWM Multimod Batch again and manually select IOS 236 and SD card when prompted.*

Continue on to Priiloader if desired (recommended).

Priiloader – optional brick protection; recommended to block disc/online updates.

Run 3. Priiloader 236
Once Priiloader launches, press + to install priiloader.
You may get an error for “loader.ini” and/or “password.txt” simply ignore these.
Restart your Wii while holding reset.
Enable desired hacks and save.
Hack Suggestions: Auto press A at health screen, Block disc updates, Block online updates, Remove NoCopy save file protection, Recovery mode press d-pad…, Region free everything.

Now, you can enjoy playing downloaded Wii games, USB Loaders, and more! Check the rest of the “Wii Hacks” page for tutorials on these.