Gateway 3DS First Impressions, Setup and Review

Check out my Gateway 3DS review video below in which I share my first impressions and guide you through first time setup.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Quick Setup Tutorial (old method)

Advanced Setup Tutorial (Recommended):

  1. Install the Homebrew Launcher using this guide
  2. Downgrade your 3DS to 9.2.0 using this guide
  3. Download the latest package for Gateway 3DS
  4. Extract its contents onto your computer. Find the file and extract it.
  5. Copy the extracted 3ds folder to your SD Card
  6. Launch the Homebrew Launcher and run the Gateway app
  7. From the Gateway Menu, choose the option “Boot Gateway Mode” to be taken to the update screen where you can get the latest firmware on your Gateway 3DS Red cart. Follow the steps to begin updating your cart. This process takes about a minute, but you may want to have your power cord plugged in, just to be safe.
  8. After it’s updated turn the console off.
  9. Place your game ROMs onto your Gateway’s MicroSD card with your computer, they can be either in .3ds or .3dz format.
  10. Insert the microSD into your Gateway and the Gateway into your console.
  11. Boot into the Homebrew Launcher and start the Gateway app.
  12. From the Gateway Menu, select “Boot Gateway Mode”.
  13. From the 3DS Home Menu, press the Select button and a ROM selector will appear on your top screen:
  14. Use the D-Pad to choose a game and A to launch it. Enjoy!

Useful Links:

Official and Current List of Features:

  • Multi-rom support
  • In Menu OSD title selection
  • Cheat codes solution
  • exFat & Fat32 support
  • NAND based rom support
  • Game cart backup
  • On board diagnostics
  • EmuNand
  • Clean Boot region free system
  • Back up system Nand
  • Works on 2DS, 3DS & 3DS XL firmware up to 10.7


Gateway 3DS Review and Unboxing