How to play downloaded/burned GC games

Downloads: – Gamecube Backup Launcher Installation Pack: Download (mirror) – cIOS Installer: (mirror) – If the mios patcher included in the pack doesn’t work try this Alternate MIOS patcher: Download *Use IOS249 or IOS236* Note to 4.2 users: You must softmod before you can do this tutorial. Use this guide: Note to 4.3

How to add apps to the Homebrew Channel

This video shows you how to add homebrew applications/games to the Homebrew Channel. Links: Homebrew Browser download: List of homebrew applications: Wii homebrew applications I recommend: How to install the Homebrew Channel – Wii Firmware versions 3.X – 4.2: or read the written tutorial here. – Wii Firmware version 4.3 use

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