Wad Manager Help

At some point you’ve heard of Wad Manager and probably used it to install channels. Well this tutorial is for helping you use wad manager to install .wad files on any version of the Wii. This will also help you not get the ERROR RET -2011 (or similar) messages. Here’s a rundown of what Wad Manager is and what it features.

What is wad manager? (basic rundown)

Wad manager is a homebrew application that lets you install .wad files on your hacked Wii. .Wad files are files that once installed on your wii are either in the form of channels or IOS, or cIOS titles. There are 4 types of channels that a .wad file could be:

  1. A Virtual Console game
  2. WiiWare
  3. Official Nintendo Channels (ex: Internet Channel, Wii Speak channel, etc.)
  4. A homebrew application or game

As for IOS and cIOS, those are mostly installed for a certain homebrew app/game
NOTE: I’ve made a tutorial on how to install vc games/WiiWare with Wad Manager here.

Now that you know what the Wad Manager is, i’ll explain how to set it up on your SD Card.

Setting up your SD Card

  1. First you need to download a Wad Manager (mirror)
  2. Once you download it make a folder on the root of your SD Card called: apps
  3. Go into that apps folder and make another folder called Wad Manager (or whatever you want)
  4. In that folder drag the meta.xml, icon.png, and boot.dol you got when you download the Wad Manager.
    ~At this point the homebrew channel should recognize the Wad Manager application~
  5. Now on the root of your SD Card* make a folder called: WAD
  6. In the WAD folder you will put your .wad files you want to install

*NOTE: If you downloaded version 1.4 of wad manager you can choose to put your WAD files on a USB.

Installing .wad files correctly (no more errors!)

Now if you’ve tried to install your .wad files but always get the annoying error messages here is the tutorial on how to install them correctly:

  1. Put the contents on your SD Card as it is in the .rar just drag all to SD Card.
  2. Run CMDVDX34 using HBC (Downgrade IOS35 and exit the app)
  3. Install IOS35.wad using Wad Manager (any version) (if it fails, it’s already installed, don’t worry continue)
  4. Then run Wad Manager (IOS35 Version) and install the CIOS7.wad
  5. Your Done!
  6. Now you can run the CIOS rev installer update and start enjoying your installed .wad files.
  7. Download latest CIOS rev installer (mirror)